Summer Programs

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Here are links to several very important lists and programs for students that want to spend time on a college campus

List of summer experiences by Scripps College Academy:  While not comprehensive, this gives a strong list of options for competitive On-Campus Summer Programs

USummer:  This is a list of summer programs available at campuses across the nation.  The list is sorted by school, so dig into each one

MIT Summer Programs:  A comprehensive list of their (and some others) summer programs.

MITE:  Summer intro to engineering program at Missouri S&T.

Excite Summer Program at K-State:  This summer program is for girls interested in Engineering

Summer programs at Washington University in St. Louis

Camp Discovery Engineering summer camp at KU

Journalism Camp at K-State

Summer College Program at Cornell:  Great series of programs that run the gamut from Art to Engineering

Cottey College Women’s Leadership Program:  Summer institute on leadership skills.  Scholarship dollars attached for all students who attend!

Newman Investigative Science program:  A great summer experience that allows students to access science from a non-classroom perspective

Duke University Summer Program

Google Summer Computer Science Camp:  Open to graduating seniors!

Summer Academy at University of Pennsylvania

Joyce Ivy Foundation Summer Scholars Program:  Scholarship program for Midwest women to attend various summer programs.

Mizzou Summer Engineering Program

(HS)2 Summer program:  A selective prestigous STEM program for students after their 9th grade year for 3 consecutive summers

Wartburg Summer Leadership Institute:  Summer program based either on campus at Wartburg or in Colorado

One Course Summer Institute at Cornell College:  Two and a half week summer program at Cornell College (in Iowa) where you earn three college credit hours

Summer programs at the University of Dayton:  This site includes a cool summer program on Entrepreneurship

Summer Programs at Tulane University 


Fall Scholarships

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Jack Kent Cook Foundation

Elks Foundation Scholarship

Gates Scholarship Program

Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City Scholarship

Black Achievers of Kansas City Scholarship

Wabash Cannonball Scholarship for those attending K-State

Thurgood Marshall Fund Scholarships (multiple scholarships for different criteria)

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship a scholarship for students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship

Wendy’s High School Heisman a national scholarship that awards for a mix of academic, athletics and service (see Foot Locker Scholar Athletes)

Foot Locker Scholar Athletes a national scholarship program that awards for a mix of academic, athletics and service (see Wendy’s High School Heisman)

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards a national scholarship program that prioritizes Community Service and specifically, leadership within that service

Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation

Ron Brown Scholarship

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship (Due in February)

Important Scholarship Websites

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A quick note about searching for Scholarships.  These websites are a compendium of scholarship opportunities.  Be prepared to look through multiple, and in some cases, exhaustive lists of scholarships to which you can apply.  This is a long process.  Make sure to keep track of where you are, so you don’t repeat your efforts unnecessarily.  In most cases you’ll need to make an account to apply.

Fastweb:  This is by far the most comprehensive of scholarship websites.

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Scholarships:  Scholarships that are KC based.  Some may not apply based on geographic restrictions.  This means that some will apply to only to students within KCMO, which is you!

United Negro College Fund:     This is a good side with scholarships specific to African-Americans.

FASFA4caster:  In January and February, you will fill out the FASFA which will qualify you for Federal Student Financial Aid.  This website will help you to figure out what you’ll most likely get from that process.  This is incredibly helpful in making informed decisions about the affordability of specific colleges without having the full FASFA completed.

Federal Student Aid Website:  This site lists the different kinds of aid available as well as how to qualify for each kind.

Apply for a FAFSA ID:  In order to complete the FASFA every student needs a FASFA ID (Formerly a FAFSA PIN).  This is a very simple process, but must be done well in advance of completing the FASFA.

Mr. Burdette’s Scholarship Spreadsheet:  This spreadsheet is the general spreadsheet that is updated as new information develops.

Cappex Scholarships:  A general scholarship website.

Jackie Robinson Scholarship Program:  Large Scholarship program specifically for African American Students

Ron Brown Scholarship:  Scholarship for those that have expressed an interest in Community Service

Major Specific Scholarship Website

Important College Search Websites

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College Reality Check:  This website covers debt to placement ratio as well as gives basic statistics about colleges.  It’s run by the Chronicle of Higher Education, a very reliable source, so the information is accurate.  This innovative site allows you to create a profile that awards your “MicroScholarships” from member schools.  This not only allows you to build a profile to “test” what items are of worth, but also to research schools that are interested in giving you more money.  Not all colleges and universities are part of this site, but this number continues to grow.

College Data:  I like this website because it’s a listing of information about each school i.e. it lacks the fluff usually found on compendium websites.  It’s also a helpful place to learn about the test score and GPA statistics of incoming students.  This gives you a general idea about admissibility for colleges with no set admissions criteria.

Big Future:  This site is run by The College Board, the company that runs the SAT and the AP system.  The front page works on a newspaper/headline format, so don’t be afraid to click through the links to read about different issues related to college choice.  I prefer to use their search tool.  Instead of searching by school, it allows you to set certain criteria related to different kinds of colleges, location, major, campus life and cost.  It’s a very clean straightforward interface that allows you to distill down the list of schools without comparing the data directly.

Midwest Student Exchange Program:  This is a very important list of schools that offer a lower tuition rate for Missouri students that qualify.  The qualifications change by school, so it’s important to check each one individually.  In some cases there are also deadlines to apply.

Colleges that require no application fee:  This is an external link to a website that lists schools with no application fee.

Don’t forget to use the University Academy Site instead

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This site is used to house youtube clips and other media that doesn’t cooperate with the UA site.  Please use my UA website to get the most recent information.

UA Website link

Videos on Transforming Quadratics

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Good overview of 2-Column Proofs

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