Good overview of 2-Column Proofs

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Resume of Joshua Burdette

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My resume can be found at via this link

Have a good summer!

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eoc released form

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Econ Reclamation Project

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Reclamation Project for Unit 2 Test

Due to my tardiness in posting these links, this project will be due by the end of the day on     Tuesday March 15th.

The Details

  • Listen to one of the stories below
  • Write a one page (300 words) standard format
  • Must cover

o   the central argument/concept of the story including the credentials of the main speakers

o   a reaction to the central argument.  Do you agree, disagree?  Why?

  • Notes:  Some stories are longer than others.  Be aware that shorter stories may be more difficult:
  • All spelling and grammar rules apply
  • Successful completion will result in an addition of raw test points equal to a minimum of 20% of the points that were missed on the test.


  • Story on Minimum Wage—move forward to 18 minutes


  • Short story on Bison Burgers


  • Story on taxing soda


  • Short story on the price of gas


  • Story on economics of LeBron James trade —move forward to 4 minutes and stop at 12

o   Use the file on the webpage directly below this one.



Microsoft Mathematics Program

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Free program from Microsoft