Summer Programs

Here are links to several very important lists and programs for students that want to spend time on a college campus

USummer:  This is a list of summer programs available at campuses across the nation.  The list is sorted by school, so dig into each one

MITE:  Summer intro to engineering program at Missouri S&T.

Excite Summer Program at K-State:  This summer program is for girls interested in Engineering

Summer programs at Washington University in St. Louis

Camp Discovery Engineering summer camp at KU

Journalism Camp at K-State

Investigative Summer Science Program at Newman University

Cottey College Women’s Leadership Program:  Summer institute on leadership skills.  Scholarship dollars attached for all students who attend!

Newman Investigative Science program:  A great summer experience that allows students to access science from a non-classroom perspective

Duke University Summer Program

Summer Academy at University of Pennsylvania

Joyce Ivy Foundation Summer Scholars Program:  Scholarship program for Midwest women to attend various summer programs.

Mizzou Summer Engineering Program

(HS)2 Summer program:  A selective prestigous STEM program for students after their 9th grade year for 3 consecutive summers


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