Important Scholarship Websites

A quick note about searching for Scholarships.  These websites are a compendium of scholarship opportunities.  Be prepared to look through multiple, and in some cases, exhaustive lists of scholarships to which you can apply.  This is a long process.  Make sure to keep track of where you are, so you don’t repeat your efforts unnecessarily.  In most cases you’ll need to make an account to apply.

Fastweb:  This is by far the most comprehensive of scholarship websites.

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Scholarships:  Scholarships that are KC based.  Some may not apply based on geographic restrictions.  This means that some will apply to only to students within KCMO, which is you!

United Negro College Fund:     This is a good side with scholarships specific to African-Americans.

FASFA4caster:  In January and February, you will fill out the FASFA which will qualify you for Federal Student Financial Aid.  This website will help you to figure out what you’ll most likely get from that process.  This is incredibly helpful in making informed decisions about the affordability of specific colleges without having the full FASFA completed.

Federal Student Aid Website:  This site lists the different kinds of aid available as well as how to qualify for each kind.

Apply for a FAFSA ID:  In order to complete the FASFA every student needs a FASFA ID (Formerly a FAFSA PIN).  This is a very simple process, but must be done well in advance of completing the FASFA.

Mr. Burdette’s Scholarship Spreadsheet:  This spreadsheet is the general spreadsheet that is updated as new information develops.

Cappex Scholarships:  A general scholarship website.

Jackie Robinson Scholarship Program:  Large Scholarship program specifically for African American Students

Ron Brown Scholarship:  Scholarship for those that have expressed an interest in Community Service

Major Specific Scholarship Website


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