Important College Search Websites

College Reality Check:  This website covers debt to placement ratio as well as gives basic statistics about colleges.  It’s run by the Chronicle of Higher Education, a very reliable source, so the information is accurate.  This innovative site allows you to create a profile that awards your “MicroScholarships” from member schools.  This not only allows you to build a profile to “test” what items are of worth, but also to research schools that are interested in giving you more money.  Not all colleges and universities are part of this site, but this number continues to grow.

College Data:  I like this website because it’s a listing of information about each school i.e. it lacks the fluff usually found on compendium websites.  It’s also a helpful place to learn about the test score and GPA statistics of incoming students.  This gives you a general idea about admissibility for colleges with no set admissions criteria.

Big Future:  This site is run by The College Board, the company that runs the SAT and the AP system.  The front page works on a newspaper/headline format, so don’t be afraid to click through the links to read about different issues related to college choice.  I prefer to use their search tool.  Instead of searching by school, it allows you to set certain criteria related to different kinds of colleges, location, major, campus life and cost.  It’s a very clean straightforward interface that allows you to distill down the list of schools without comparing the data directly.

Midwest Student Exchange Program:  This is a very important list of schools that offer a lower tuition rate for Missouri students that qualify.  The qualifications change by school, so it’s important to check each one individually.  In some cases there are also deadlines to apply.

Colleges that require no application fee:  This is an external link to a website that lists schools with no application fee.


~ by mrburdette on June 22, 2015.

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